How Good A Keynote Speaker Are You?

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  • Posted on:December 19, 2010
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Ron White Memory Expert and Keynote Speaker presents all over the world on Memory.   Being a great Keynote Speaker is a challenge and choosing one is everything for the meeting planner or event coordinator.  This article has some good tips on choosing and being a good speaker.

How Good A Keynote Speaker Are You?

So, you are a good speaker, and often you have noticed that people start paying attention the moment you open your mouth. Maybe you have it in you to become a keynote speaker. Public speaking is not an easy task, and a person needs to be rich with experience and knowledge to pull it off on a regular basis. Becoming a keynote speaker is a very lucrative career these days, with a great demand for business speakers in the corporate field as well as other situations. The career is very rewarding and would provide you with immense satisfaction from your achievements, not to mention a good paycheck. The goal of a successful speech is to give a memorable experience to the audience that they will remember long after they leave the room.

What to Say

A speaker should be able to talk about what the audience wants to hear. Thus, sticking to the topic is of utmost importance. Add a little bit of humor here and an anecdote there.  This mix of humor and storytelling with a targeted message will keep your listeners entertained. The speech should be structured and well-developed. It should not confuse the listeners and should not meander to subjects not intended to be covered. The trick is to keep the audience happy and alert.

Importance of the Audience

A good business speaker or keynote speaker should never underestimate his audience. He should be well aware of who is listening; if the audience includes eminent personalities, he should take note and try to bring them into the speech by recognizing them. This gives a personal touch to the speech and motivates the audience into interacting with him and his topic. The speech should be prepared with the audience in mind. Speaking at a fund raising event and at a corporate event is entirely different, and the success of a keynote speaker knows how to speak according to the occasion.

Use of Supplementary Material

Most speeches can be augmented with supplementary material. Explaining the topic using visuals and providing the listeners with handouts or other materials keeps your topic fresh in their minds as well as helping them follows up on your topic later. Most keynote speakers encourage people to set goals and explain many ways of achieving them in order to have a happier and more positive outlook on life. The current trend is to issue CDs with the speech so that the audience can listen again if they want to. These promotional CDs are handy for keeping your words alive in your audience’s mind.

Speakers play a very important role in business gatherings and other types of meetings and conferences. The main role of a keynote speaker is to bring the audience together and warm them up to a particular theme or idea. There are many online speaker forums for those who want to try this as a career. These sites even exchange tips and stories to improve your skills. If you have a talent for public speaking, there is no shortage of possibilities and opportunities that will come your way.

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