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  • Posted on:December 27, 2011
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As a memory speaker I get asked a lot – Are there foods good for memory? What foods are good brain foods?

There are a long list of foods that have shown to be beneficial to your brain and memory but here I will list the foods that I personally take:

Omega 3 Fish Oil pills




Those are basically the foods that I focus on myself specially for my memory. To be honest I find myself avoiding foods that are bad brain foods as much as I take foods for benefit. The foods/items that I avoid because of their negative impact on my memory are:

Benadryl, Tylenol PM, Sleeping pills. – Any pill that puts you to sleep tends to cloud the head the next day

Alcohol – Some studies show that moderate alcohol consumption (1-2 drinks per day) is actually good for memory, however, there is no mistake that binge drinking or drinking to intoxicating has negative immediate and long term effects

Sugar Sweetners – These packages of sweetner have ingredients that cloud the head and create that ‘brain fog’.

So there you have it! I do believe there are some good brain foods or foods good for the memory. Here is a video I filmed in Belgium talking about brain foods

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