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  • Posted on:January 26, 2014
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Well, last year June 2013 I had planned to set out to become fluent in Spanish. I had to admit it but it looks like June 2014 will roll around with the goal unrealized. Life and business just simply got in the way. I have been very busy building my new memory course, ‘Black Belt Memory’ and all of my focus has been there. It really is going to be an awesome memory program.

But that doesn’t mean I haven’t made any progress on my Spanish. Indeed I have. I am using my memory method to memorize Spanish as I go as well. In the video below I take a few Spanish words and memorize them using my memory method. I think that you will find it fun and I hope you enjoy watching my progress as I memorize Spanish with you.

The words you will learn in this video are:

Salir = to leave
Escoger = to choose
Comida = food
Leer = to read
Pinata = Pinata enter email address there to get my pictures and lessons for 10 more Spanish verbs.

So it is still my goal to learn Spanish and I believe I can use my memory system to speed up that process. How about you allow me to reset my goal to be fluent by December 2014?

Here is another lesson:

Hasta luego amigos!

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