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  • Posted on:April 8, 2013
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I am often asked to conduct in house 1 day trainings for organizations that are longer than my standard 60-90 minute key note presentation. For years I have been simply replying to these email with what I can teach typing it out each time. Finally I got smart! Below I will list what my one day program looks like and just send folks to this link. Plus you may stumble across it on there internet. Wow…look at that…you just did 🙂
In my one day 6 hour memory training class your group will learn:

– How to build relationships by remembering names and faces

– How to build confidence by giving speeches without notes

– Save money and time because you don’t have to retrain your staff (they remember it the first time)

– Increase your knowledge of any subject in 1/3 the time

– Become a subject matter expert on any topic

– Memorize poems, quotes or verses

– Increase confidence by trusting your memory more

– Discover how to learn a foreign language more rapidly than you ever expected

– Earn more business because you build relationships by retaining information about your customers

– Routinely recall 50 digit numbers. Memorize product numbers, phone numbers, etc

– Become more efficient by having info at your mental finger tips

– Build your brain and build your business

– Be a better leader in your organization when you recall names

This 6 hour class is very fun and interactive. I will start the class off by memorizing everyone’s name as I describe here

I honestly believe it is the most comprehensive memory training seminar on the market today. I am not only a memory training, a USA Memory Champion but I am a business owner and entrepreneur. I understand what it takes to keep a business successful and my seminar isn’t about teaching you how to memorize your grocery list. I teach you how to use your memory to maximize profits and production in a business!!

This talk is perfect for your group.

Let’s make it happen!

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