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  • Posted on:October 12, 2012
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I was on a tv show on the History Channel called, ‘Superhumans’. It was a show created by Stan Lee (the Marvel Comics creator) and in the show they did segments with real life ‘Superhumans’. Well Scott was the first Superhuman on the show (I was the last), we book ended the first season of Stan Lee’s Superhumans.

Ironically though, that isn’t where I met Scott. We have been friends for about 6-7 years and occassionally we get to hang out and share a beer. He recently visited Dallas to give a speech for a group of math teachers and invited me along. I have seen him do his math demonstrations many times but normally just at a bar with me, him and a few friends. I recently watched him do this in front of 1500 teachers. Not only that, they were MATH teachers and were amazed by his skills.

I filmed this short video of his mental math. You aren’t going to believe it. Scott Flansburg is truely a human computer.

By the way, I bought his book (that you can get his new books here:


and it is REALLY good. I have been using the techniques I read in his book years ago. I was talking to a math teacher after Scott’s speech and the teacher hadn’t heard of the techniques that I use on a DAILY basis because I have read Scott’s book. Again…MATH TEACHERS don’t know this stuff. Get the secrets from the man himself! (By the way, I don’t get a dime or even recognition if you buy the book, this is not an affiliate link. I am recommending it for only 1 reason – to help you….it’s that good)

Here is the video of Scott. Prepare to be AMAZED!!!

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