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  • Posted on:September 26, 2011
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Is there anyone out there that knows Eagle Scouts in New York City?

I am looking to train a group of quick minded, intelligent, calm and disciplined individuals high school age and older to compete in the 2012 USA Memory Championship. What better group of people to do this with that Eagle Scouts!? They have the temperament, goal setting mindset, dedication and discipline.

Please understand the significance of what I am offering. I am not charging for this service and I regularly get paid thousands and thousands of dollars to train people on their memory. I am offering to teach these skills at no charge. The Eagle Scouts would get:

1. A life long skill that they could use to memorize school work or catapult their career by remembering names, product knowledge, information from classes, give speeches without notes, learn any new information in a fraction of the time, improve grades, increase confidence by trusting memory more and exercise their brain in true mental Olympics.

2. They would gain the benefit of knowing they competed in one of the most unique sports on the planet and a sport that the 2006 USA Memory Champion Josh Foeur wrote a book about, Moonwalking With Einstein http://www.amazon.com/Moonwalking-Einstein-Science-Remembering-Everything/dp/159420229X

3. They would get to learn directly from the 2009 and 2010 USA Memory Champion. That is me and I don’t want to sound boastful here, but I really know this stuff. I have been teaching it for 20 years and I know I could deliver life long skills

4. They would learn memory techniques they could mentor with other students to make a positive impact on their life

Eagle Scouts interested in this need to contact me asap as four months is the minimum training and preparation time with 6 months being optimum. The tournament is March 24th so no time to waste.

Here is a short video of me on the History Channel Show Superhumans

Check out this video (the video is not me). I will teach you how to do this….how cool is that!!!?????

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