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  • Posted on:August 9, 2011
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I am EXCITED to be a part of the National Geographic Channel’s new show Brain Games!

SUNDAY OCTOBER 9th 10pm EST is my portion but entire show airs at 8pm EST. It is a 3 hour special!!

This is going to be a FUN, FUN, FUN show!! How cool is it to be a part of it with one of the coolest guys, magician David Copperfield! (and no, I didn’t get to meet Mr. Copperfield. Yet! ha!)

For my part in this program we went to New York City and I did the standard memorizing names of people as they pass by. Yeah, I know – I did that on the History Channel but it is always a good warm-up 🙂

From there we approached people at the wax museum in New York City and I memorized a deck of cards in front of them. It was fun!

There was also a unique challenge were I would approach random people in NYC and challenge them that I could memorize the serial numbers on the dollar bills in their pockets. If I could then I got to keep the cash and if I couldn’t then I would double the $$ and give it back to them. How did it turn out? You have to watch the show…

The National Geographic Channel was very professional and fun. I am 100% confident this is going to be an awesome show. This clip of Brain Games! with Copperfield above is my first peak at the program and I can tell it is going to be awesome.

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  • Raymond

    at 8:42 pm

    hey, you should do one on dog brains.

  • Sandy Hall

    at 9:16 pm

    Loved the shows. I recorded them to show my fiance.

  • Yanderyn

    at 8:03 pm

    I loved the show, I hope they make it into a serious because I was expecting more episodes 🙁

  • Lawrence Miller

    at 7:14 am

    Should be quite interesting!

  • Tom Pratt

    at 7:14 am

    have to watch how the heck tv commercial right everytime defies logic.

  • Tina Weber Walker

    at 7:14 am

    Should be a great show!

  • Charlotte Wilmer

    at 7:14 am

    Looking Forward to This One!

  • Jason Stocker

    at 7:14 am

    This show be neat.

  • Perla Aguilar

    at 5:58 pm


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