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  • Posted on:December 21, 2010
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Speaking for the Texas Rangers

By Ron White Memory Expert and USA Memory Champion

I am a DIE HARD baseball fan, I just simply love it. I have followed the Texas Rangers since I was 8 years old. In 2010, they made the playoffs and I was so excited I had speaking engagement requests in Australia and I cancelled three speaking engagements just to attend the playoffs. It was a magical experience for me watching the Texas Rangers in the World Series!

So last night when I spoke for the Texas Rangers and the MLB players it was a dream come true. I have had speaking engagements in front of 5,000 people, with big name speakers but this is the first time in a long time I remember being nervous! Tom Grieve the long time player and broadcaster for the Texas Rangers was at the meeting at the back of the room and I couldn’t look back at him for fear that I would get too nervous! Who would have thought that Ron White memory expert would be speaking and Tom would be the listener!

When I spoke for the group I did the same memory demonstrations that I would do for your group if you allowed me to speak for your group. As the group of about 100 entered the room I introduced myself to everyone and memorized their names. Now, it is true there were a handful of famous players in there and I already knew their names but 95% of the group were unknowns to me being front office management, spouses, trainers and coaches. Then when I got up in front of the room, I had the group stand up and walked around the room calling out names and everyone had a seat. By the time I circled the room everyone was sitting down! In baseball terms, I hit a home run!

Next, I called on 25 random people and each person gave me a 2 digit number to conduct a powerful memory demonstration. The group wrote down the number, however, I never saw it. There was a 50 digit number on the paper and I then repeated the number forwards and backwards. The baseball players who I enjoyed watching for so many years were being entertained by me, what a treat for me.

Your group may note be a baseball team of former MLB players, however I promise to deliver the same passion and intensity with my goal of giving you a dynamic keynote speech.

I hope that I am able to speak for your conference one day and hit a home run with my memory training speech!

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