10 years ago I was BROKE. Today I am not. What is the Difference?

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  • Posted on:July 25, 2012
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10 years ago if you would have robbed me you would have just been practicing!

I was so broke my reality check bounced!

I was so broke I couldn’t PAY attention!

I was so broke I was hoping to make a little money so I could be poor…

I had a $50,000 tax lien, no money in the bank and my electricity was getting shut off every other month. Today, I literally travel the world speaking and sometimes fly across the country just to watch a baseball game and I am back the same day. 10 years ago that would have sounded like the life of Donald Trump to me.

I will be speaking in London along with Donald Trump and Tony Robbins in just a few months in front of 10,000 people!!! How does a man go from being totally broke to speaking at a conference in London to 10,000 people alongside such great business legends?

The answer for me was….Kyle Wilson.

See above photo? You may notice Chris Widener, Charlie ‘Tremendous’ Jones, Vic Johnson, Denis Waitley, Brian Tracy, Jerry Clark and Jim Rohn. All people who JUMPED at the chance to work with Kyle at this event. YOU SHOULD ALSO JUMP AT THE CHANCE TO WORK WITH KYLE!!

Kyle turned my business around 10 years ago and what is even more exciting to me is that he is starting a program to share his strategies with others.

Kyle recently put together his list of 7 Game Changing Strategies to Creating a Million Dollar Income Online Through Your Existing Business. These are the same strategies he used to:

– Build Jim Rohn International and YourSuccessStore.com
– Attract 1,000,000 email customer list through multiple publications
– Market, produce and distribute over 300 Intellectual properties including books, CDs, DVDs, training materials and digital products
– Create multiple viral marketing tools, eventually topping 8 million units in sales
– Fill hundreds of successful seminar events
– Create, market, film, produce and distribute multiple High End 3 day events
– Build over 1000 affiliate and jv partners
– Build a massive online presence and generate multi-millions in annual revenues
– Publish over 3000 articles by over one hundred authors through multiple publications
– Orchestrate Amazon #1 Best-selling campaigns
– Create one of the most successful Monthly Continuity Programs in history (over 97% retention)

Kyle’s had several good friends in the industry including Jeffrey Gitomer, Mark Victor Hansen, Brian Tracy and Darren Hardy tell him how much of their online marketing success has come from these very same lessons they learned from him (see comments at the end).

I too can attest to the impact Kyle had on my own business and how he almost magically took my business from me giving speeches in the back room of an IHOP restaurant to audiences as large as 10,000 – and it seemed to happen overnight. I can honestly say that Kyle Wilson was not a major factor in turning my business around, he was THE factor!

If Zig Ziglar is exicted to work with Kyle….shouldn’t you be too? 🙂

Kyle is sharing these 7 Power Strategies for fr*e. Here are just a few of the Insights and Strategies you will gain:

* The Importance of Building a List: How this equates to printing your own money and why skipping this one completely under-used tactic is like cutting the power to your own ATM machine
* The Wheel Concept: He’ll reveal this revolutionary concept and how by adding one caveat helped him build 1M+ online subscriber list that generated huge revenues
* Tactic Marketing vs. Strategic Marketing: You’ll learn the difference between the two and how one impacts your business in a BIG way while the other can negatively impact your future business results
* Think Big: Don’t let this simple cliché fool you into underestimating the power behind this simple strategy. Learn how this one strategy sold more than 180 Million – yes 180 Million – books
* Creating Products and Services that Sell and Much More!

To access these 7 Game Changing Strategies click here http://kylewilson.com/cmd.php?af=1474468


To Your Better Future,

Ron White


p.s. Kyle is a great friend to me and he is honest to the core and the only thing that exceeds his honesty is his smarts. You owe it to yourself to check this out for your business.

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