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  • Posted on:December 20, 2011
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I just received the most AWESOME phone call from a 10 year old boy. He didn’t start off by saying he was 10. Instead, in the most professional and business manner he explained to me that he has a website http://carecandies.com/ and he wanted to do some advertising with me. I was smiling ear to ear listening to his sales pitch. It reminded me of myself when I was selling newspapers door to door at the age of 14.

Mark explained to me that his website sold candy to raise money for breast cancer and to also set up a college fund for himself. I was so proud of this 10 year old doing what so many adults in business won’t do!!

1. Call someone (too many adults rely on social media or email for business when a phone call is so much more effective)


I asked Mark how I could help him, he replied in the most professional manner and asked me if I could put a link on my website. Are you kidding me?! I am delighted to Mark!! I always admire an entrepreneur!! I had never met this young man before but his call did me a world of good.


go there and order some candy. I will:

1. Support this young businessman who at 10 is WORKING!
2. A portion goes to breast cancer
3. A portion helps Mark go to college

At the end of the call, I had to know. I asked, ‘So how old are you Mark?’ He replied, ‘Well you probably aren’t going to believe this. But to tell you the truth….I am 10 years old.’ He is right…it is hard to believe that someone so young understands picking up the phone and asking for business!

I told Mark I admired his entrepreneurship and then hesitated that he might not know that word. Are you kidding me? Of course he did! He replied, ‘Well my dad is a big entrepreneur and I am just trying to follow in his footsteps.’ Well done Mark. You are more than on your way.

Thanks for the call


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