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I am telling a story about kids and memory training in a series of emails. If you missed it here is part 1 and part 2.

Part 1 – Memory Coach For Students

Hey guys,
I’m going to tell you a story about your kid.
It will go over the next 3 days. But first I want
to tell you a story about 3 other kids. Their names
are Jacob, Chloe and Kailey and I love them
very much.
But this is also about YOUR kid. So please hang
with me the next 3 days.
You’ll be glad you did.
This story goes back to the summer of 2010.
Jacob is a regular boy and he loved playing baseball.
I would go to his games and watch him do better
than I ever did that is for sure.
He liked laser tag, girls, baseball and video games.
I played catch with him in the yard and tried to
teach him anything educational when I could.
When Jacob was 11 or 12 years old he saw my
Nintendo and asked if he could have it.
He said, ‘You are like 40 years old. You don’t
need video games.’
I told him I enjoyed playing the baseball game.
Then I reasoned, ‘I can’t just GIVE you this. It’s
a $200 toy. What kind of lesson would that be?’
He replied, ‘It would be a lesson that people
should be generous.’
He is clever. I give him that. And fast on his feet.
I laughed, impressed with his wit. Then I had an
offer for him. I responded, ‘I tell you what. If you
memorize all 44 presidents in order I will give it
to you.’
 He looked discouraged and said, ‘Never mind.’
Now the last thing I wanted to do was discourage
him. So I told him not to worry that I would teach
Over the next hour or so I walked him through
my memory method and showed him how to
memorize the presidents of the USA.
But this is just the beginning of the story.
It gets really good.
Stay tuned over the next few days as I tell you
more about these awesome kids and as you
read you will eventually find the story isn’t
about these kids at all.
It’s about yours…..
 Smarter every day.

Talk soon, 

Ron White – Memory Coach For Students

Part 2- Memory Coach for Students

Hey guys,
Yesterday I told you a story about Jacob.
If you didn’t read it the link to part 1 is at bottom
of this email. If you read it then you can read
part 2 here:
So I taught Jacob to memorize the 44 presidents
one evening after dinner. I had my Nintendo game
in my pocket the entire time. He kept looking at it
as we memorized the presidents.
It was great to see such a smart driven kid work 
towards a goal.
Then the story got even better.
A few weeks later his little sister Kailey who was
6 years old said to me as she was crying, ‘I want
to talk to you about what you do….’
I was so concerned that she was crying I asked,
‘What do I do Kailey? What did I do?’
She said,’ I memorized what we ate for dinner. We
had corn and potatoes and I want an mp3 player.’
It was the cutest thing I had ever heard.
She then asked for me to teach her how to memorize
the presidents of the USA. I was excited and SCARED!
I was scared because she was only 6 years old. There
What if she couldn’t do it? (I was almost certain she 
Would she be too discouraged if she couldn’t do it?
But she was crying now and I hated to see her cry 
more than anything.
So I began to teach her that night using the method
of memorizing with furniture. In about 90 minutes that
night Kailey (a 6 year old) memorized all the presidents.
By walking through the house forwards she could say
them in order. Or by walking through the house backwards
she could say them backwards.
It was one of the most remarkable memory demonstrations
that I have ever seen because of her age.
I then said, ‘Kailey can we do this 1 more time. But
can I record it?’
She replied, ‘You can record it for $1.’
I got my camera out and the video below
is what I recorded.
Watch it and be amazed. 
Realize she did this one night after dinner. Not
over 2-3 nights. ONE NIGHT.
She was 6!
So watch the video and remember this story 
is about your kid in the end. 
More to come tomorrow.
Watch the video

Her sister Chloe doing the same

This is why I am known as a memory coach for students.

If you would like me to be YOUR students memory coach go here


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