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Do I Watch MSNBC, Fox News or CNN


For the most part I watch the History Channel, Nat Geo and baseball. That is 90% of my viewing. Yet, with the election I must confess I am watching more news. Which channel do you think I watch?

Fox News? CNN? MSNBC?

Things to consider – I was born in Texas to a Christian, conservative family and tend to vote Republican AND I have been on the morning show Fox and Friends 3 times.

Answer….I have watched more MSNBC than any other network during this election cycle. Why? Well, Fox News tends to lean conservative Republican and I pretty much agree with what they say. (I really do) MSNBC tends to lean more liberal and more Democrat and I tend to disagree with their hosts more. So that is why I watch. I already know what I believe and I know why I believe it but if I only surround myself with those who see things exactly as I do then I am not being mentally challenged. So I watch MSNBC more. Sometimes I will confess that I can’t take the commentary anymore and switch the channel but I am still glad I tuned in. Sometimes I do take away valid points that shifts my thinking (if it doesn’t violate my core beliefs).

I was born in Texas to a Christian, conservative family and if I have kids they will most likely be Christian, conservatives (If not they will be grounded and beatings will continue until morale improves!!hahaha). But what if I was born in NY to a liberal Democrat family? I would be more inclined to vote Democrat. Because I am more inclined to be a conservative that doesn’t mean it’s wrong (I don’t think it is) but that always means I should be aware of that and open to at least listening to others.

I am a BIG believer in being mentally challenged and I believe I can listen to an argument and take something positive away from someone I disagree with. It also gives me practice at spotting BS (which let’s be honest it is easier to spot in someone you disagree with than agree with – but those I agree with are also good at dishing out BS and spotting it is good.)

I encourage you to mentally challenge yourself and have discussions with those who don’t see eye to eye with you.

No name calling, no put downs but instead listen to someone who disagrees. It can challenge you mentally and I always think that is a good thing.

So bring it Rachel Maddow, Chris Matthews and other hosts with trendy eyeglasses….I am ready to hear what you have to say :)


My name is Ron White and I am a two time USA Memory champion. I set a record for the fastest to memorize a deck of cards in 2009 and I have been teaching others to improve their memory since 1991. It is a fun and rewarding career and I look forward to hearing about your memory success. Perhaps you saw me memorize Martha Stewart's magazine on her show, appear on Nat Geo show Brain Games or History Channel Show 'Stan Lee's Superhumans'. Rest assured that you as well can improve your memory and do the things you may have seen me do



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  1. Liked this article…These are called NEGOTIATION SKILLS!!! How come the voice of reason gets no comments but slander to either side is repleate with comments, and not of a mental challenge but more like 6 year olds insulting each other calling each other stupid!

    • Diamina

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