Brain Games! National Geographic Channel Memory Guy

Check out this video! I missed it!! Watch CLOSELY!!

This is from the new show on the National Geographic Channel, Brain Games! that I am a part of starting Sept 2011. This is going to be an awesome show and of course National Geographic is one of my favorite channels only second to the History Channel and baseball.

This is going to be an educational, fun and powerful show on the power of the human mind!

Check out this video that is from the show:

I am watching the “Brain Games” I remembered 13 of the 20 names!I also remembered 8/11 of the items presented the I missed Zach,Doug,Dennis,Borgan(?)and 3 others! I admire and completely agree w/ how you use association.
My comment is two-fold: I discovered the exact method while waiting tables. I could handle by memory, drinks, apps, salads and entree orders for up to a table of 10, using the same method. You inspired me to exercise my brain again. Secondly, I wonder if you have ever heard of the neurological condition, Synesthesia? I have this rare but beneficial condition. It gives me an extraordinary ability to memorize numbers, dates and other details due to my brain ‘grouping’ sets of numbers when memorizing bank accts,driver’s license #,my credit card numbers etc.
For me, numbers have a gender and even a personality in addition to a color. This info is fixed and never changes; 7 is always purple and is a calm, assertive and handsome ‘male’. I would love to hear what you think about this and also, what are your thoughts on neuroplasticity? Sincerely,
Maria Lunsford
[email protected]